“Play the ‘Digital buttons right’. Words used by Andy Warhol can come true: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Give me 5 minutes to welcome you at futurelab. Then only 10 are left to ‘make it believe’ [*]. Let´s go in. Experienced users, just click on  to get a temporary ‘eye-observer’ assigned. And then log in with the username and password you get.

All about ‘THE EYE-OBSERVER’ technolgoy you find at

“Why I know as much as I do?
Because I like to share.”
Reiner Schneeberger

Thanks to all who shared their knowledge:
Olga Beul, Hans Daucher, Herbert W. Franke, Hanscarl Freiherr von Friesen, Bernd Früh, Ned Herrmann, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Gottfried Jäger, Daniel Jung, Manfred Kage, Edgar Knoop, Johann C. Köber, Hans Korneder, Karl-Ludwig Kreuzer, Peter Mertens, Georg Nees, Hermann Oberth, Wolfgang Pflanz, Helmut Ploog, Olaf Pracht, Franz Ronneberger, Dietrich M. Scheringer, Joachim Schlesener, Robert Schrödel, C.P. Seibt, Keith Sherwood, Gabriel Ternes, Eleonore Trefftz, Raphael Vella, Mathias Weißbach, Konrad Zuse and all the ones not named here …

To communicate with you in futurelab I use technolgy based on opensimulator and some tools and concepts I developed with the help of students, all free of charge and open for use by everyone. In case you dont make it, then look at the help pages or send an e-mail.

¦ text management brought to the world by William Shakespeare´s stolen word slubber® [] screen management brought to the world by INFINITESCREEN® [] believe [*] click on your own risk after you uderstand the ways to